Sunday, April 29, 2012

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment introduces six children and teenagers who have something different then most people to deal with - they're part bird and have been raised for most of their lives in a laboratory. What this basically means is they look perfectly human except for some awesome wings. They've been genetically modified to have lighter bones in order to explain how they can become airborne. Max, the leader, and her crew have escaped the lab and have been hiding out in a cabin in the woods, but almost from the the moment the book starts, they have to defend themselves. This book is action packed as every time you think the kids can take a breath, the enemy finds them and they must fight again.

This is only the first of many books in the Maximum Ride series. Most of them focus on Max as the protagonist, but at least one other character, Fang, has his own book. I was able to read quite a few very quickly before it started to feel repetitive (from an adult perspective), but I've noticed that most teens who read the first one go through most of the series, including those who don't really like reading or don't know what to read. There are a lot of interesting concepts, and that makes up for characters who may feel a little static.

I strongly recommend this book and the series for all readers, although it might appeal more to those in lower high school grades. People who like a lot of action or who get bored easily will like these, also.

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