Monday, September 10, 2012

Big Trouble

Big Trouble is by the comic Dave Barry. It states explicitly at the beginning of the book that it is not for children, mostly because of some bad language thrown in here and there, but I think it is just fine for upper high school students. One thing that might be a little confusing is that the perspective changes quite a bit, so the reader gets a glimpse into nearly every single characters head. It's not as complicated as it sounds, because each character is so distinctive, there's no way to mix them up.

First, this book is very, very funny. It's basically a series of mishaps and everyone being unwittingly connected to each other. In the beginning, a teenager named Matt has to squirt a girl named Jenny with a water gun because of a game at school called Killer. When he gets to her house to sneak attack her, a pair of assassins happen to choose the same night to actually kill a member of her household.

All of the chapters are fast-paced and witty, as you'd expect. Each character's observations and opinions of the other characters seem very real, and even though the scenarios are often implausible, unlike some (unnamed) books, this one can carry it off and convince the reader to suspend disbelief in an entirely convincing way.

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